Climate Governance Initiative Mauritius

Climate Governance Initiative Mauritius

Climate Governance Initiative Mauritius

The Climate Governance Initiative Mauritius (CGI Mauritius) is a local Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative, which is composed of 31 Chapters in more than 70 countries. 

Climate change is shaping a new reality, creating risks and opportunities for businesses in a diverse number of ways. Investors, regulators and other stakeholders are now challenging companies to take responsibility by adopting an integrated, strategic approach to addressing the climate emergency.

As part of the Advocacy pillar of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD), this Chapter has been set up in collaboration with HSBC Mauritius, taking the form of an Advocacy Forum of the Institute. The CGI Mauritius Community is composed of directors, including both non-executive directors and executive directors, as well as subject matter experts.


CGI Mauritius is committed to reaching out to directors in advancing knowledge, motivating action and propagating best board practice in climate governance. It aims to assist board directors in meeting the challenges arising from climate change and to take part in the global drive of the World Economic Forum’s eight Climate Governance Principles:

  1. climate accountability on boards,
  2. command of the subject,
  3. board structure,
  4. material risk and opportunity assessment,
  5. strategic integration,
  6. incentivisation,
  7. reporting and disclosure and
  8. exchange.

To achieve its aim, CGI Mauritius undertakes to develop and curate regular forums and training, along with networking events and other initiatives, to empower, engage and enable directors in the following objectives:

  • To gain climate awareness and skills.
  • To embed climate considerations into board decision-making.
  • To understand and act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency imposes on the success of their organisations.

Visit The Climate Governance Hub for more information and resources from the Climate Governance Initiative and its global network of Chapters.

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