Private Sector Anti-Corruption Task Force

Private Sector Anti-Corruption Task Force

The MIoD is also working in close collaboration with the Joint Economic Council (“JEC”), the Mauritius Employers Federation (“MEF”), Transparency Mauritius (“TM”), the Association of Hotels and Restaurateurs (“AHRIM”) and the Independent Commission Against Corruption on the Private Sector 
Anti-Corruption Task Force (“PACT”), and with the Public Private Partnership Against Corruption (“PPPAC”) platform. 

The PACT Working Group has now drafted the:

  • Integrity Pledge
  • The Business Case and Why Companies Should Adopt the Integrity Pledge
  • The PACT Process
  • An Auto-Evaluation Questionnaire still to be finalized following testing with 3 companies
  • An MOU to be finalised and signed by the main parties forming the PACT Council, namely JEC, MEF, MIOD, TM, and AHRIM. The MCCI and the Building and Civil Engineering Contractor’s Association (“BACECA”) have also been asked to join the PACT Council and we are awaiting a reply. Other associations may join as time goes on. The PACT Working Group is now awaiting the merger of the JEC and MEF in order to sign the MOU and move forward.

In the meantime, It has also been agreed that in order to ensure quality assurance and a transparent “arm’s length” procedure, an outside independent company should be contracted to process and validate all applications for the Integrity Pledge. In this respect SGS has been approached and discussions are underway to finalise this arrangement.

Discussions have also taken place with the Ethics Institute of South Africa and it has been agreed in principle that their CEO, Prof Deon Rossouw, will sit on the PACT Council as an independent director.

Discussions are also underway with The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) for potential seed funding andsponsorship of PACT, thus giving PACT and the Integrity Pledge an international accreditation. CIPE would provide technical assistance and advice on best practice to the PACT Council.

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