In this first quarter, which sectors should recruit the most? And what are the professions for which there is a real demand? The world of work and the skills required are constantly changing and this year more than most. With many organisations looking to protect their future and return to growth, many of the most … Read more

Lors du Breakfast meeting de la Mauritius Institute of Directors, plusieurs sujets relatifs à la bonne gouvernance dans les entreprises ont été évoqués. Dans cette ère de reconstruction, pourquoi est-il important pour le secteur public et le privé d’adopter les meilleures pratiques ? Comme nous le savons tous, une gouvernance d’entreprise solide et efficace contribue à … Read more

A breakfast meeting will be organized by the Mauritius Institute of Directors in early March, which will focus on Directors Duties and the importance of Corporate Governance in Banks and Financial Institutions, being one of the most important discussions reinforced especially after the crises period. What are your views? The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the … Read more

Directors duties and importance of Corporate Governance in Banks and Financial Institutions

As the name state, corporate governance is the way a company is governed. This is usually done by the board of directors that acts as an agent for the shareholders (Agency model).  The role of the board has evolved a lot especially following the corporate failures of the 1980s and 1990s. Good examples of these … Read more

“We hope to be a role model for Mauritian companies. If we can do it, other companies can too.”